Friday, January 16, 2009

how can a venture company go global?

this is exactly a question addressed to me during a business meeting. a brand new venture company was established by so called "holding company". the holding, already 6o years exist running its business domestic. the management of new company confess that they neither have expertise nor experience manage global business.

in simple way, for a company go global it requires at least two things (beside others that also important); firstly, understanding about international market arena, precisely, exact condition in the country where the company wants to put investment. and secondly, the company has sufficient resources required for competing in global arena. this idea, similar with a group of army going into a battle. if, the commander doesn't know everything about the battlefield (the arena) and the group of army (the company) doesn't have weapons, staples, etc, (sufficent resources) how can the group winning the battle?

ambitions, and vision are not enough. so, my question back to the questioner, du yu hev these two basic conditions? wanna know what is their answer? "that is why we invite you to discuss with us". ahaaaa... ****

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