Friday, January 16, 2009

what lesson learnt someone got today?

passion and patient, both are keys to any successes. don't you believe? someone almost prove it right. imagine, walking in the middle of dark tunnel, bushes impede your steps, snake may blowing its poison to you, some time literally mouths blamming and cursing to you, but you still consistent, walk through. until little light at the other end shiny. however, this little light some time kidding you, wild winds covered by vested interest, make litle light on only short time, and the rest dimmed even off. passion and pattient keep pushing steps ahead, until the gods kicked away the demons, and therefore little light back alite. for warrior, success is never an end, instead milestones one by one passed over and next destination decided. but what the warrior brings any where she goes? none but passion and patient. ahaa.....

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